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Aug 05, 2020
In General
Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you. Below are the rules to freely participate in all of the forums. Read them carefully; not knowing them will not save you from the ban hammer! NOTE: Administrators have final say; there is no appeal process. We are Judges! These first rules will result in a deletion of the post and / or removal of the poster and respondents permanently from the forums (with or without a warning at administrator discretion): No spam; all spam will be deleted (eventually). This includes duplicate posting. Respect other users; no abuse or toxic behavior. No threats or harassment of others will be tolerated. No adult content, profanity, or pornography is allowed. No illegal content or incitement to commit illegal acts. The below rules are really for best behavior, and will make you more friends with other forum lurkers and the administrators. Post in relevant sub-forums only. We'll make every effort to move messages to the right forums, but reserve the right to delete outright. Keep posts relevant; these forums aren't for politics, your POG collection, or what the voices in your head are saying. Read the stickies before posting. They exist for a reason. Don't necropost. The only zombies we like killing are in our games! Contribute to the topic; don't be a troll. Follow these and we'll all get along and have fun!


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